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Welcome to the Website of Institute of Islamic Studies (IIS)


The IIS is a professional body of the Islamic Centre of England in London devoted to promote research and to advance knowledge on different aspects of Islamic thought with special reference to the Shi''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''a perspective.

The vision we hold at the IIS is to expand our interaction with those scholars who are interested in and/or are related to Islamic thoughts. Thus, we provide high quality academic events in a stimulating environment. Our research strategy focuses critically on the most intellectual areas of Islamic thoughts. Such a dynamic approach is geared at creating scholars and other professionals on the very vital issue of Islamic thoughts in the present state of our world.

The IIS seeks to conduct constructive intellectual interaction on issues related to Islam and Muslim societies as an effective approach to foster mutual understanding and cooperation within Muslim Communities and to promote dialogue between different cultures and civilisations.

The IIS is starting its new phase of activities by launching three academic workshops in the academic year 2013-2014.

We would like to invite you to be part of these academic events and submit your proposal for any of its three dates and topics at the News & Events.