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IIS has been engaged in a number of research and educational activities since its establishment that can be summarized as follows:
• Local & International Conferences
• Lectures
• Collection & Compilation of previously published articles
• Review & Analysis of current articles
• Publication & Researches
• Books to be published
• Educational programs
• Drama Section

What are the future plans of Institute of Islamic Studies?
• Establish a specialized research library for academics in Islamic and Persian Studies.
• Organize short and long term taught courses in various subjects including Persian language.
IIS runs different courses and lectures on subjects concerning Islam and Iran. IIS also intends to provide respected UK universities with experienced lecturers to teach Persian and/or Islamic subjects.
Presently we are collaborating with SOAS (University of London) and Cambridge University in providing them with the establishment of research courses on Classical Persian Literature and Shi’a Studies.
Members of this Institute also lecture on a variety of topics including Ethics, Persian Literature, Islamic Doctrine and Qur’anic Studies at the Imam Hussain Theological College, the Islamic College and a number of reputable universities .
Collection & Compilation of previously published articles
One of IIS’ main engagements has been the collection and compilation of articles related to Islam, Iran and the late Imam Khomeini. After a long and hard efforts, these collections are now ready to be distributed and used by scholars and researchers. So far more than 300 numbers have become available.
They cover a variety of disciplines like, Middle Eastern Studies, Psychology, Anthropology, Sociology, Contemporary History, International Law and Politics, spanning over the period between 1915---1997. Articles appearing after these periods are reviewed in a separate monthly journal, (Iran & Islam studies Review) that is published by IIS.
Review & Analysis of current articles
Each month a number of highly celebrated academic journals are selected to be reviewed.
Engaging and original articles in a variety of subjects including political science, International relation, sociology, economics, religion, political philosophy, ethics and civilization are chosen and analyzed, then translated and published under the title “Iran & Islam Studies Review”.
This journal is a multi-disciplinary scientific review dedicated to the in-depth study of social, political, philosophical, and historical viewpoints of Islam and Iran since the Middle ages.
In this journal, particular attention is paid to works dealing with contemporary political and social issues on Iran and the Muslim world, as well as Muslim minority affairs in Europe, North America and the world over. Seventeen volumes of these momentous works are available to be used by researchers.
Publication & Researches
IIS has so far published various books, on contemporary world issues in particular those that are pertinent to the Islamic world, the contemporary history of Islamic Revolution in Iran and the relation between Islam and the West.
IIS books and researches are shown in publication.
Books to be published
1. Islamic Irfan .(English) Ayatollah. S. M. Mutahari
2. Islamic mysticism (English). Ayatollah Mohsen Araki
3. The Political Economy of oil in Iran. (English)
4. Questions about the awaited Savior .(English) Ali Hussain
5. A number of books on various Islamic disciplines of Islamic Doctrines. (English)
6. Transcendent Philosophy: Journal of Comparative Philosophy and Mysticism. (English)
7. Two articles on Persian Play in Iran. (English)
8. Ta’ziyeh to be published by Iran’s Theater Journal and the Quarterly Theater Magazine, University of Cambridge (English)
Educational programs
IIS has organized a number of seasonal classes for a variety of audiences. These programs are tailored for people of different age and backgrounds. Among these are the summer classes organised for children, where they are taught a series of topics including Qur’an, art and drawing, Islamic history and sports.
In addition to the above, IIS also runs special courses on Persian literature and commentary of Mathnavi.
Drama Section
The Drama section, as a part of the Research and Educational Department of the Islamic Centre England was set up in the beginning of 1999.
One of the most significant measures taken by this department has been revealed in the Creative Competition 1999 by which it has become possible to introduce and present striking thoughts about the world. As it has been promised to support authors, this section has provided a service to publish the short-listed works for the prize and publication. The first selected works from the first competition will be published in June 2000.
The other opportunity which has been considered for those writers who are keen to stage their play or making a short film of their story is they could get support and help from Islamic Centre England-London. The submitted projects, once a year will be assessed outside the creative writing competition.
The research and educational department is glad to receive applications from all over the world and the people to share cultural and educational values together.