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IIS has held a number of seminars and conferences successfully and managed to attract well-known thinkers and scholars from all over the world. The abstracts and papers presented in theses conferences have being collected in separate volumes and will be offered on request.
We collaborate with the Iranian Ministry of Higher Education in organizing joint scientific conferences, academic exchanges, organizing scientific trips and publication of academic journals.
Listed below are conferences and seminars that have been organized by IIS:
1- International conference on Muslim Identity in the 21st century: Challenges of modernity (31 Oct- 1 Nov 1998)
2- Conference on Imam Khomeini''''s All Encompassing Personality (7th of June 1998).
3- International Conference on Islamic Art, Civilization and Culture (9-11 April 1999)
4- International Seminar on the 20th Anniversary of the Islamic Revolution in Iran (7th of February 1999)
5- Special Seminar on Imam Khomeini''''s Views on Contemporary Issues (3rd of June 1999)
6- Conference on Ayatollah Khomeini And the Modernization Of Islamic Thought (15th of October 1999)
7- International Conference on Perception according to Mulla Sadra and Western Schools of Philosophy (12-13 May 2000)
8- International Conference on Dialogue of Civilizations (27-28 Oct 2000)
9- Conference on Historical Grounds and Roots of Economical, Political, Social and Cultural Views (12 February 2000).
10- International Conference on Causation according to Mulla Sadra and other Schools of Philosophy (5-6 May 2001)
11- International Conference on : Women in Islam
(9th September 2001)
12- International Conference on: Mawlawi Rumi
(25-26 January 2002)
13- International Conference on Muslim Women and the Modern World (28th Sep 2003)
14- International Conference on Jerusalem/al-Quds (1-2 March 2003)
15- International Conference on Imam Mahdi, Justice and Globalization (26th Sep 2004)
16- International conference on Proximity amongst Islamic Schools of Thought (23-24 June 2007)